Cosmic Secrets: A Key to Self-Discovery (eBook)


When was the last time you seriously contemplated your own state of consciousness? A year? A decade? Never?

Now is the time to ruminate, examine, and discover your best self through the workings of the human design system. With clear explanations and concise instructions, Cosmic Secrets reveals the five different personality types and how to decipher which one you are. Once you understand your own inner workings, you can begin to use the included strategies to optimize your daily interactions and live your best life.

Consciousness is a state of being that we often take for granted. But true consciousness—and all the multidimensionality that comes with it—is the key to unlocking a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our own personalities.

Here to guide the way is author Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD, whose groundbreaking study—encompassed for the first time in Cosmic Secrets—is the only scientifically documented work on the Human Design System.

Discover the system’s basics, its theoretical groundwork, and how to apply that knowledge to its five different personality types. Once you discover which type you are, you’ll learn concrete ways to optimize your personality and live your most authentic and successful life.

Sharing her own personal journey of discovery, Haspel-Portner helps readers develop a more profound understanding of their personalities and how the endless facets of consciousness affect them daily.



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