Astrology Essentials: Understanding Charts (eBook)


Activate the knowledge deep inside of you and learn how to chart your future withAstrology Essentials, a user-friendly guide from author Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD.

Haspel-Portner introduces readers to the Noble Sciences Sacred Synthesis transformative tools and practices in a book meant to take you beyond the Human Design system. The book will enable you to complete a chart in Human Design without being an expert in interpreting astrological charts. You will learn why it’s important to have accurate birth data, as well as other aspects of the chart, including elements, planets, and signs.

Illustrations appear in color and walk you through the steps so you can decipher a chart and decode basics. Haspel-Portner includes information about the Noble Sciences, including the Human Design system, created by Ra Uru Hu, and how it’s made up of Kabala, the chakras, astrology, I Ching, and developmental psychology. A basic knowledge of astrology is one of the first steps in learning about the Noble Sciences. Learn the astrology alphabet, the way the alphabet works together, and more.

Haspel-Portner, a clinical psychologist, bridges the traditional world of psychology and the esoteric world of consciousness. She hopes to inspire others to live their authentic selves.



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