Second Degree Reiki: A Workbook


Take your Reiki practice to a whole new level with Second-Degree Reiki: A Workbook, an eye-opening introduction to a more advanced method of healing.

Author Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, certified coach, sex therapist, hypnotherapist, and psychic who has been incorporating Reiki into her private practice since her introduction to it in 1977.

Over the years, Haspel-Portner has developed new treatments for her patients to fundamentally shift their pathways of energy within their own minds. Having witnessed the astonishing benefits of these practices, Haspel-Portner decided to share her second-degree Reiki workbook methods in order to allow readers to perform these healing treatments on themselves.

This interactive guide maps out the different treatments used, providing space for readers’ personal thoughts and reactions that can later act as the foundation for further contemplation—and even as a springboard into higher dimensions of consciousness.

Alongside the practical implications of Haspel-Portner’s methods are more theoretical concepts that expound upon the dimensions of time and space themselves. Through this marriage of action and reflection, readers will discover the tools they need to heal themselves of past, present, and future traumas.



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